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iQPrompter 5.0 (three versions) for iPad now available.

iQPresenter for MacOS.

Ed4U is producing a new integrated set of tools to aid in the planning, creation, presentation, delivery, editing, broadcasting, re-broadcasting of courses, seminars, and other types of productions. The current name of this family of products is iQPresenter (iQP). The planned products are as follows:

Statement of Purpose

To provide and enable educational software, courses, seminars, aids, and services to students and teachers at all levels by leveraging advanced digital communications and computer technologies, providing the maximum benefit to the most people.. Ed4U.tv also provides information and sales of the iQP product line.

For information on Ed4U's plans for educational delivery, please visit the following web site:


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Ed4U.tv is working closely with the universities and other entities to provide the best possible tools for business presentations and distance learning via the Internet, DBS, DTV, Uverse, FIOS, cable, and other delivery systems.