Ed4U has been developing several products for the education and business markets. It's premier product, iQPresenter, Video Edition, is now in beta testing and will soon be released. Look for it at

Ed4U® is a new and innovative technology based teaching solution for educational delivery. Our suite of products cover a broad range of teaching and learning needs-providing teacher-facilitated authoring for traditional classroom instruction to trend-forward distance learning. Ed4U's vision, along with the unparalleled expertise and precision achieved after more than 40 years of experience in the high-tech market, is to offer high-quality, low-cost education supported with only the best-in-class technologies to the entire nation, and ultimately to the world. This data sheet describes the premier presentation product of Ed4U®.

iQP is a software program for organizing, planning, authoring, and presenting a course in a class/presentation room, while simultaneously streaming digital compressed video of the presentation via the Internet or other delivery means to remote locations. This is the only product on the market that provides everything you need, from conception through presentation and delivery. It is the only tool that integrates not just one, but multiple videos within the presentation. Requires MacOS 10.8 or later.

• Outline and hierarchical session organization tools, including time planning, and (optional) thumbnail views.
• Drawing tools and shaped media containers for text, images, and movie clips.
• Optional grids, snap-to, alignment tools.
• Selection of canvas dimensions, presentation size, display screen.
• Object editing (with content), shading, shadow, rotation, transparency.
• Rich text handling with flow into any shape and around imbedded objects.
• Support for editable MathType mathematical expressions, as separate objects, or embedded in text.
• Transform text into editable shape object.
• Text highlighting by dragging pen across text for background/underline, in selected color/opacity.
• Independent layers for progressive screens.
• Real-time annotation (chalkboard) top layer with simplified selection of commonly used marking tools.
• Sophisticated transient/persistent animated pointers and attention focusing tools. New effects can be created and installed by user.
• Shot and layer transition effects.
• Transient/persistent banner layer.
• Bug layer for logos, etc., with settable opacity and switch on/off.
• Multiple, integrated live videos. Can set position, size, clip to any shape, border, shadow, rotation, and flips, transparency, perspective. Animates automatically.
• A rich set of A/V tools for real-time control and setting animation for multiple videos. Includes ChromaKey with settable image background.
• Full individual control (including live thumbnails) of all QT movies which are shown in the presentation.
• Template/media libraries: shapes, images, text, movies, layers, shots (charts), scenes, segments, sessions, more.
• Speaker notes window (per shot) including time progress display and alarms
• Multiple preview screens to look ahead/behind current screen by selectable relative criteria.
• Presentation can be displayed on separate projector or monitor.
• Video capture and encoding for streaming presentation videos. Full control of capture area and encoder settings. Separate capture window for monitoring.
• Separate large-area scrollable black/white/green board for impromptu usage.
• A "combo" screen, which combines presentation, chalkboard, movies, with adjustable content areas.
• Sophisticated rich-featured TelePrompter for internal or external use.
• Time management with visual indication of presentation progress.

iQP iPhone Remote

After iQP Video Edition is released, the iQP-Remote iPhone application will also be released. It will allow viewing the presentation screen and/or speaker notes associated with that screen. Forward and backward controls are included plus controls for an innovative screen point system. It may also include bluetooth /WiFi microphone audio relay to the presenting computer.