AirTurn Foot Pedal Controls

If you are NOT using AirTurn, please leave the Global settings for AirTurn in the "Off" position so that the virtual or external keyboard will operate correctly. Also, if using AirTurn, note that to use the virtual keyboard in other apps, the unit should be turned off, un-paired, or Bluetooth turned off. The AirTurn BlueTooth unit, shown above, can be used in one of three modes, settable in iQPrompter Global Settings to:


A single pedal controls Pause/Resume.

Dual Speed:

Two pedals control speed. Right pedal will increase speed. Left will decrease speed. Pressing both will Pause/Resume. One press will increment/decrement the speed by 0.1 units. Repeatedly pressing the same pedal in less than one sec. intervals will progressively double the speed increment, allowing you to make major speed changes quickly, or pressing at a slower rate to fine tune the speed.

Dual Cues:

Two pedals control cues -- Next/Previous. Right pedal will advance to the next cue or (left) revert to the previous cue. Pressing both will Pause/Resume.