Cue Points

Cue Points can be entered in the Prompter Edit screen by first setting the entry point anywhere within the desired paragraph, then tapping the "Q" button to expose the Cue Entry popover. You can enter the desired name for new Cue Point, edit an existing Cue Point name, or remove an existing Cue Point. A formatted tag will be entered at the beginning of the paragraph. When returning from the Edit screen to the Prompter screen, these tags are stripped and stored in a list for display when using the Prompter screen. They will still show in the Edit screen.

If further editing is done, be sure to not preceed the tag at the beginning of the paragraph or modify the tag format. The tag name itself can be edited in-place if desired.

In the Prompter screen, Cue Points can be selected from the "Q" button popover. Selecting a Cue Point will scroll the appropiate text paragraph to the indicator focus point and will automatically dismiss the popover. Otherwise, a tap on the screen outside the popover will dismiss it. There are also buttons for Previous and Next Cue Points, plus Beginning and End. The "Current" button will scroll to the cue point at the beginning of the current range.