Editing the Prompter Text

The editing screen is accessed by tapping the "Ed" button (for "Edit") at the top of the Prompter screen. The button will then change to a "Pr" (for "Prompter") for returning to the Prompter screen.

The editing system uses the familiar techniques of other text-based applications on the iPad. The keyboard will appear, or the user can use the optional keyboard dock or a separate wireless keyboard to enter text. Cut, Copy, and Paste work the same as in other iPhone/iPad applications.

Note that the famous presentations can not be edited, but can be copied. A warning will remind you of that fact. You can copy any or all of the text, then create your own presentation and paste in the text, which will be fully editable.

The text of the presentation can be printed, via AirPrint, to supported printers, by tapping the "Print" button and using the print settings.

You can also paste text from emails or other applications for speech importation.

Be careful not to preceed any cue points (which you may have inserted) with other text at the beginning of such paragraphs. Otherwise, results may be unpredictable.