Feature List for Version 4.3

iQPrompter is the most full-featured studio-quality prompter app available for the Apple, Inc. iPad. It provides everything a speaker needs for creating, storing, practicing, and editing a speech, plus it is a full-featured teleprompter with (Patent Pending) time-management capabilities not available elsewhere.

Unique Features:

• Internal storage uses a database engine.
• Visual Time Management Features (Patent Pending).
• Lock scroll speed for precise planned time.
• Multiple options for import/export, including iTunes, Dropbox, CameraRoll, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
• Integration of Twitter and YouTube. Easily include YouTube URL in a Tweet.
• Adjustable line and paragraph spacing.
• Selected presentation title will display on start screen.
• Button on Home screen takes you directly to "Quick Start" help screen.

Prompter Operation:

• “Begin” button starts prompter. Changes to “End”.
• Speed (words/sec.) can be incremented/decremented one unit by tapping +/- buttons.
• Speed can be finely adjusted in 0.1 units by swipe control.
• Speed is constant (at specified setting) in average words/sec. (The speed setting number is roughly in syllables/sec.) Word speed is independent of font, font size, line spacing, and paragraph spacing.
• Scroll progress can be paused/resumed by tapping indicator.
• Speed can be locked to finish precisely at planned time.
• Text can be manually scrolled either direction while running.
• Text scroll will start/end at indicator position.
• Text position can be returned to top by tapping top status bar.
• A fast-scroll control is available on the right side and fades out when not in use.
• Cues can be selected or navigated from a convenient popover.
• Advanced text display system allows long speeches to be used, regardless of text size.

Prompter Settings:

• Sleep mode can be disabled during presentation.
• Text scrolling can be looped for a kiosk display.
• Text display can be flipped horizontally and/or vertically.
• Focal point can be set to center or top (bottom if flipped).
• Focal point can be dragged to desired location. (Option Setting.)

Text Display Settings:

• Text size, font, and line spacing, paragraph spacing are settable.
• 1331 choices of text and background colors, or use color palette.
• Screen text/background color can be reversed.
• An Info popover provides quick access from prompter screen for individual presentation text display parameters, and for operational global settings.
• Settings changes can be seen immediately in the prompter screen..
• Text settings are by individual presentation, but can be saved and used as defaults.
• Text defaults can be temporarily viewed and automatically restored.

Presentations List:

• Scripts popover shows all presentations, each with all timing information and speed-lock indicator.
• Information for any script can be accessed and edited without changing displayed script
• Any number of speeches can be stored and readily available.
• Examples of Famous Presentations are included, e.g., Gettysburg Address.
• Famous Presentations display can be surpressed.

External Monitor:

• AirPlay can be used in lieu of a physical monitor connecction.
• External monitor support for separate teleprompter/monitor screen.
• External monitor can be independently flipped horizontally/vertically.
• External screen text display is fully synchronized to iPad display.
• External monitor can be set to mirror iPad screen for demos and training.


• Photos can be directlh uploaded in in a Tweet.
• URL from a previous YouTube upload can be easily included in a Tweet.
• iTunes, DropBox, and Camera Roll have full file/folder navigation, including delete and folder creation. Camera Roll includes image thumnail display and selection.
• Text can be imported by copy/paste from emails and other apps, or by file sharing via iTunes or DropBox.
• Text can be imported/exported by file sharing via iTunes or DropBox.
• Audio files can be imported/exported by file sharing via iTunes or DropBox.
• Video files and photos can be imported/exported via iTunes, DropBox, or Camera Roll.
• Text (Script), Audios, Videos, and Photos can be directly emailed.
• Video files can be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook.
• Text files can be uploaded (as a Note) to Facebook.
• Status mesages, Notes, Photos, and Links can be uploaded to Facebook.


• Cue-points can be inserted at any paragraph start.
• Text can be entered/edited after tapping “Edit” button.
• External (wired or wireless) keyboard can be used.
• Text of presentation can be printed via AirPrint (to supported printers), formatted for margins, header, and footer.

Time Management Settings:

• Planned-time can be set for each speech.
• Speed can (optionally) be locked to finish scrolling within the precise Planned Duration.
• Estimated time is displayed, based on speed setting of 4.0.
• “Autostart” allows start at specified time, preceeded by 5 sec. countdown..

Time Management Display:

• Progress indicator shows relative progress to end of speech.
• When Planned time is set, (Patent Pending) progress indicator shows real-time progress and also indicates deviation ahead or behind plan. Displays up to 20% overage.
• Ahead/behind time is explicitly and prominently displayed in top bar.
• Planned, Actual, and Remaining time/overage are displayed.
• At end of speech, actual time is recorded for future reference.
• When Alarm activated and progress is behind planned schedule, the time-line panel flashes increasingly urgent warnings as the ratio of (behind) deviation to remaining time increases.

Audio Recording:

• Multiple audio files can be recorded and played back for practice or for post-mortem analysis.
• User can choose from all codecs available on the iPad with settings for paremeters, or just choose the default settings for podcast.
• Recording can be set to automatically start when presentation is started.

Video Recording:

• Multiple video files can be recorded and played back for practice or for post-mortem analysis.
• User can choose Video Quality setting.
• AirPlay support for viewing videos through AppleTV.

Remote Control:

• Remote feature can be activated/deactivated in prompter.
• Remote control of basic control parameters is available via iQPrompter-Remote, a free app for iPhone/iPod/iPad.
• Controls include font size, begin/end, pause/resume, increment and finetune speed, all cue points, return to current cue point.
• All controllable paremeters are fully synchronized between prompter and remote.
• Changes on either the iQPrompter app or the remote are immediately reflected in the other.
• Remote can be used with any available and selected iQPrompter.

AirTurn and Wireless Keyboard:

• Bluetooth AirTurn footpedals can be used to control speed, cue points, pause/resume.
• A Bluetooth keyboard can be used for normat text editing when in edit mode, or control a variety of functions in prompter mode, such as speed, cue points, pause/resume, begin/end, record start/stop, font size, etc. Up/Down arrows increment/decrement speed by a factor which can be set in the preferences settings.

Help Screens:

• Extensive help screens are provided.
• Support Screen has direct Internet links to current support page on web site for latest information on issues, updates, feedback.
• Pre-addressed emails allow direct reporting of bugs and comments/requests.