Importing and Exporting Files

There are several ways to import files from an external source. One is to email it to yourself, or use another application, such as Pages, that is capable of importing files. Then, simply select and copy the desired text and paste it into the Prompter Edit screen. This is the recommended procedure for file formats other than .txt because it will provide the necessary format conversion.

However, in 4.0, text files in the .txt format can easily be imported and exported, and audio/video files imported and exported, using iTunes or DropBox. Video files can also be imported/exported via the Camera Roll.

Note that iQPrompter does NOT use iTunes as a file sharing mechanism in the same manner as some apps. iTunes is used more as an import/export drop box. What you see in iTunes is the list of files in iQPrompter's input/output documents folder on the iPad, but NOT what is stored within iQPrompter's database. This approach was necessary because we use an internal database engine and associate additional information with each text file, including audio/video files, and plan to include additional enhancements in future versions.

Also note that you do not have to install DropBox on the iPad to use the DropBox features. However, you do have to have a DropBox account, which is free, with up to 2GB of storage.

Tapping the "Import" or "Export" button in the Presentations or Recordings popover will bring up the panel for selecting how you want to Import/Export. Select from the available list to access the desired means. If you are not connected to the internet, selecting DropBox will display an error message. If you are connected, it may ask you to login to DropBox. (YouTube and Facebook export are described in a separate page.)

Be careful to make sure your exported files have unique names, and ones not included in the destination folder. Otherwise, you will overwrite existing files.


If you choose "eMail", you will be presented with an eMail screen with no attached file. If you choose "eMail File", you will be presented with an eMail screen which will already have the selected file attached. In either case, you will have to add the eMail address, subject, and any message you wish to include.

If someone emails you a movie, you can tap the item and save it, which will save to the Photo library. Then you can import it into iQPrompter by selecting "Import", then "Camera Roll".

Exporting Video Files via YouTube or Facebook:

See page on YouTube/Facebook.

Importing/Exporting Files via iTunes or Dropbox:

Selecting one of these, you will see the file browser panel which will allow you to navigate to the desired folder. When within the desired folder, in "Import" mode, you can select/deselect one or more files, or use the "Select All" button. Then tap the "Import" button to import the selected files. In either Import or Export mode, you can delete a file or folder by swiping across it and then tapping the shown "Delete" button.

If you had initially selected "Export" you can choose to export the file displayed in the prompter, or select "Export All" to backup all script files to the selected folder. In Export mode you can also create a new folder by tapping the "+" button, then naming it, and then navigate to the desired folder before exporting.

Note that, currently, although import/export via iTunes is fast, the same cannot be said of DropBox. Exporting an audio or video file using DropBox can take some time, because it actually uploads the file to the DropBox web site, a slow operation if you do not have a fast connection. A progress bar is shown for upload/download. (We hope to move upload/download to a background thread in a later version, so you won't be aware of it, and will be able to immediately resume other activities.) Downloads can be canceled using the "Cancel" button. Unfortunately, at present, "Cancel" does not work for uploads because Dropbox does not support it in their developer API. Hopefully, that will change in the future.

Importing/Exporting Files via iTunes:

This describes how you access the app's Documents folder in iTunes.

1. Connecting your iPad to the computer and open iTunes.

2. Select the iPad under "Devices" (left column) like you would to sync.

3. Select the "apps" tab at the top.

4. Under "File Sharing", select iQPrompter.

5. You can then add/delete files/folders, as desired, in iQPrompter's Documents folder.

Importing/Exporting Video/Photos via Camera Roll.

When importing/exporting via camera roll, the first navigation screen will show albums and other media groups. Selecting one will take you to an image browser view which shows image thumbnails of the videos/photos within the selected group. In import mode, you can select any number of videos/photos for import. In export mode, you can choose the group to export to, then export the video shown in your current selection of videos for that script. When exportation is complete, you will see a new thumbnail appear in the image browser.

In the image thumbnail browser, you can select a file by tapping its thumbnail image. You can deselect a file by tapping it again. You can also use the "Select All" or "Deselect All" buttons.