Quick Start for iQPrompter

If you are updating an existing app, be sure to read the Release Notes section for changes and new features.

The opening (home) screen has two buttons: On to take you to the Presentations screen; On to take you here to the help screens. The Presentation screen and the Help screen both have buttons in their respective control bars to take you to the other. When first entering the Presentation screen, There may be a little delay while it loads its data.

Opening (Home) Screen.

The initial screen you see when launching the app.

Prompter/Edit Screen.

Operation can be started by tapping the "Begin" button, and stopped by tapping it again. Scrolling can be paused/resumed by tapping the triangular indicator at the left of the screen. Speed can be coarsly increased/decreased by tapping the "+"/"-" buttons, or finely adjusted by using the swipe control between the "+"/"-" buttons. The scrolling text can be manually scrolled by dragging, or fast-scrolled using the (normally hidden) slider at the right side of the screen. You can return to the top of a script by tapping the status bar at the very top of the screen, or from the top entry in the "Q" popover.

The Scripts popover in the upper left corner shows the list of available presentations. You should see the list of Famous Presentations. (These can be hiddin by a switch in the "Settings" tab.) To add a new empty presentation, tap the "+" button at the top. You should see the new presentation in the "Added Presentations" list section. The title and other text fields (and other parameters) for each presentation can be edited by tapping the "Edit" button at the top, and and then tapping the disclosure indicator at the right end of the desired table cell. Presentations can be deleted after tapping the "Edit" button at the top left. Just tap the "-" button to the left of a table cell, then tap the "delete" button at the right of that table cell. A new presentation can be created by tapping the "+" button at the top.

To display a presentation, simply make sure it is selected it in the Presentations popover. If it does not automatically go to the text edit screen, tap the "Ed" button at the upper right to enter the edit screen. (This will change to "Pr" to allow you to return to the prompter screen at any time.) Enter, paste, or edit your text in the edit screen like you would on any other text-based app.

In edit mode, the "Q" button allows you to insert cue points into selected paragraph starts in the text.

In the prompter screen, there three additional buttons at the top right. These will each bring up a popover as follows:

Circle "i" - Text display settings, allowing you to change them without leaving the Prompter screen, and immediately see the effect of the changes. Within that popover, a tap on "Controls" will take you to the Global settings panel to let you set various options.

"R" - All audio recording functions. Within that popover, a tap on the "Settings" button will allow you to set parameters for audio recording, or just hit "Podcast" and use the default settings.

"Q" - A list of cue points which were set when in the edit screen, plus entries to go to beginning or end of the presentation.

Help Screen.

This is where you are now. Notice the "Select Topics" button at the top left. Tapping this button will show you a list of all the topic screens available within this tab. Simply tap the topic you wish to bring up. The "Support/Feedback" selection will also give you direct access to the current support screen on the web site, if you are connected to the Internet.

Where to go from here.

For additional information and details on the operation of the prompter itself, please see the corresponding writeups available under the "Select Topic" button of the info tab above.

We hope this has given you a sufficient overview of the app to allow you to get started and to create and deliver many important and meaningful messages to your audiences.