Release Notes

Changes and new features in the 4.0 update:

iQPrompter 4.0 is a major upgrade in that it now includes video recording/playback and a multitude of import/export options. By including import capabilities, we also bring video to the original iPad, besides the new iPad2. Video of a presentation, or any other releated video, can be captured on an iPhone or other device, imported, and then stored with the script of the presentation.

We just can't stop messing with the interface. We decided that the titles and timing information popover should be dircctly accessible from the table entries being changed, especially now that we display all those parameters in the table itself. Some of the new features in the 4.0 update are:

Note that import/export of audio/video recordings via DropBox can take some time, because the app has to download/upload the file to the DropBox web site. (DropBox just doesn't work the same way in iOS as it does on a desktop/portable machine, and it doesn't matter whether or not you have the DropBox app installed.) We hope to add background caching and uploading in a future update to aleviate this delay.

Changes and new features in the 3.0 update:

iQPrompter 3.0 is a major update with a completely new user interface. We also had to make a few changes in the internal database and Preferences file to accomodate new features. The result is a versioned database, which should update automatically the first time you launch the app. Our own testing indicates that this works properly. There are also other changes. We have fixed some old bugs, but it is inevitible that some new bugs may surface in changes this extensive. Please let us know promptly if you run into any difficulties with the app, and we will get out a maintence update ASAP.

Updated for iOS 4.2.

Comments on the 2.1 update:

2.0 and 2.1 provide major feature/performance upgrades of iQPrompter. We have incorporated many new features, including audio recording and file import/export, and have completely overhauled the internal storage, text engine, and workings of the program. Prior (earlier version) files can be imported.

Futher improvements will continue to ensue. You will be automatically notified when updates are available, and you should do so at the earliest possible time. Please send any bug reports, feature requests, praise or damnation, to All emails will be acknowledged.

Note that in v. 2.0, we had sporadic reports of text edits not being saved when switching to other tabs or quiting the app. The problem may have fixed itself when we fixed some other bugs, as we have not been able to duplicate it. However, if you do experience this, please notify us as soon as possible and with as much information, about exactly when and how, as you can provide. Also mention if this is a new purchase or an upgrade from a pre-2.0 version.

Changes and new features in the 2.1 update:

Changes and new features in the 2.0 update:

Known issues:
• There is still an issue where the external screen may not reappear if disconnected/reconnected while operating. This may require restarting the application. This appears to be an Apple, Inc. bug, which hopefully will be fixed in a later system update. Likewise if the iPad goes to sleep, which is another reason why we provided the sleep inhibit setting.