Remote Control

iQPrompter-Remote is available in the app store in the iPhone listings. Just search for "iQPrompter- Remote". It should run on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad (as an iPhone app). The app provides basic operational controls. It assumes that most of the basic settings have already been made in the iQPrompter iPad app. The chosen controls are the one deemed to be most needed in a functionally simple remote control.

Note that, as per Apple Inc. guidlines, if the iQPrompter app is switched out (multitasking) on the iPad, the remote connection will be broken. After switching back to the iQPrompter app, everything (including Prompter scrolling) should resume at the same point and state as when it switched out. However, you will have to reconnect the remote. (Also, your presentation timing will show you behind, the same as if you had tapped the "Pause" button while prompting.)


To use the remote, the first thing to do is to turn on the "Remote" option in the iQPrompter Info popover. This will allow the iPad to advertise its availability on BlueTooth and/or WiFi. When you launch the remote, it will search, find, and display all iQPrompters (likely, one) available for connection. (If it squawks about connections, just dismiss the alerts and wait until it finds the available devices.) When the right device appears in the initial window, tap it. If connection can be setup, it will tell you that the connection was made. Dismiss the alert. You will then be in the Control screen.

It's currently a crap shoot whether you connect via BlueTooth or WiFi, unless you turn off one of these on either device. We hope, in the future, to correct this and let you choose which to use.

If at any time, the connection is broken, you will see an alert. Dismiss it. It should return you to the Connection screen. If not, you can return via the "Exit" button.


The main screen will show the basic controls: Begin/End, Pause, Speed steps, fine-grained Speed Picker, and text Magnification. These are functionally equivalent to their counterparts in iQPrompter's Prompter screen. The main difference is the use of a Picker View instead of iQPrompter's Speed Swipe control. The Magnification slider is equivalent to the font size slider in the iQPrompter's Info popover Text tab. The "Sleep Inhibit" switch is to make sure nothing goes to sleep during your presentation. Be sure to turn the latter off afterwards to prevent draining your battery.

These functions are all synchronized with their iQPrompter counterparts, meaning that if you change a setting on either, the other will indicate (i.e., display) the same change.

Also in the control screen is an "Exit" button to break the connection and return to the Connection screen. You will get a confirmation alert letting you cancel or disconnect. You could then connect to a different prompter, if desired.


The "Cues>" button will take you to the Cue screen. The displayed cue points are also synchronized and will display the same as in iQPrompter's "Q" popover. Selecting a cue will automatically take you back to the Control screen. If you change your mind, just tap the "Control" button at the top to return.

There is also a "Cue" button in the Control screen. It is functionally equivalent to the "Current" choice in the Cue screen, and is intended to scroll the screen to the beginning of the current cue range. If there are no assigned cue points, it will return you to the beginning of the presentation.

That's it. Simple, huh? But very effective for its designed purpose.