Settings (Info) Popover

Note that settings cannot be accessed while actually running the prompter, because most of these require all text to be re-layed-out when changes are made, and it is just not possible at this time to do that on the fly and keep the timing features intact. However, when not running, you will see the changes immediately (ok, danged fast) in the Prompter screen.

The popover has two main panels. The first is the text settings, which are individual settings for each presentation, all changes of which will appear immediately in the prompter screen. The second (accessible by tapping the "Globals" button) contains the global settings, which apply to all presentations.

Tapping anywhere outside the popover will dismiss it from view.


Text defaults can be set from any presentation screen. Simply open the settings popover, make sure you are in the "Text" settings panel, adjust your settings, then tap the "Save as" (default) button. For other presentations, just tap the "Use" (defaults) button to apply the default settings to the current presentation. You can temporarily view the affect of default settings by touching and holding the "Show(hold)" button, and then decide whether or not to apply the defaults.

Text Settings.

A slider is provided for text magnification and can be set between 1.0 and 16.0 in half-step increments. Basic text size is 12 pt, so a magnification of 4 to 6 will normally be adequate. Line and paragraph spacing can easily be set with their sliders.

Text and background color can be set by touching the appropriate color patches. A color picker allows individual RGB color components to be set from up to 1331 possibilities using the sliders. A color palette is provided to set black, white, or grey-scale, or choose from a selection of presets. The colors displayed in the prompter screen can also be inverted (i.e., switched) in the text settings panel. Note that the color controls always refer to visible text/background for either setting of the invert switch. Color settings also apply to any connected external monitor/prompter.

A button in the text settings panel is provided to bring up the font picker, where you can choose any font/style available on the iPad.

Text defaults.

Text settings are stored individually for each presentation. However, settings can be saved as defaults that will automatically apply to any newly created presentation, and (by tapping the "Use" button) can be viewed and/or imported in any presentation. If you want to see how default settings will affect the current presentation, tap and hold the "Show (hold)" button. When released, settings will revert to the previous individual settings. Default settings can then be applied to the current presentation by tapping the "Use" button, if desired.

Global Settings.

These settings apply to all presentations and are automatically saved in the preferences file.

Flips for iPad and External Screens.

The flip switches will mirror the text for various configurations of prompter reflector panels. Independent flip settings are available for an external prompter screen, if connected. The "Mirror Ext." switch allows the iPad screen itself to be shown on an external screen, including all controls, popovers, and videos. This is mainly useful for demonstrating operation of iQPrompter, or for training purposes. A switch controls whether or not the external screen shows the progress indicator and deviation time. It AirPlay is available, a button will appear which allows selection of an AirPlay unit for display on a TV or projector.

Indicator Switches.

When the "Ind. Drag" switch is on and the prompter is not in operation, you can drag the left-hand indicator vertically to any desired position. The other controls in that strip will automatically adjust position as needed to accomodate the indicator. When the "Ind. Drag" switch is off, the "Ind. Top" button can be used to position the indicator near the top of the presentation (even if vertically filpped), or, when "off" will position it at the center of the screen.


The "Guide" switch turns on a highlighted horizontal bar, centered vertically at the current indicator position. The slider allows you to set the size of the guide.


If you have a BlueTooth AirTurn foot-switchs (available from our web site at, and you have paired the device with your iPad, you can set the mode of operation in this panel to either start/stop the prompter (single pedal), control prompter speed, or step cue points forward or backward. In the latter two cases, two pedals are required. You can also pause/resume the prompter by pressing both pedals simultaneously. If you are not using an AirTurn, leave this setting in the "Off" position.


AirTurn must be in the "Off" position to use a wireless keyboard. The "Kbd" setting sets the prompter speed increment used by the up/down keys on the keyboard.

Other settings.

Operation can be set to loop back to the beginning, after a set delay, for use in demos or kiosk displays. App sleep can be inhibited (during presentations). A (visible) Panic Alarm can be activated to warn of an approaching end-time deadline. Display of famous presentations in the Presentations popover can be turned off. If remote control is desired (using our free iPhone remote control app), the "Remote" switch needs to be on.