Welcome to iQPrompter

Congratulations! You are now the owner of the most powerful, full-featured, professional prompter on the iPad. iQPrompter, with audio/video recording, file import/export, and instantly viewable settings, has more features and is the most complete professional tool of any of the prompters available on the iPad. It is more than a mobile teleprompter for both professional broadcasts and ordinary speech delivery. It is also a speech aid, organizer, time manger, and a podcast producer. iQPrompter, on the iPad's large screen, is the ideal personal tool for creating, managing, practicing, and presenting speeches for the professional, academic, student, politician, pastor, and anyone presenting a talk at a function, even when traveling.

iQPromter is the convenient mobile tool for producing professional speeches in less time. You can now toss all of your note cards, legal pads, or stacks of papers. It is a full-featured studio-quality tool designed with the same sophisticated quality as a professional teleprompter, for it is designed to operate on Apple's new iPad. Yet, it is completely mobile. We are in the business to empower you for your next speaking engagement whether you are a teacher, student, lawyer, pastor, salesman or someone who is giving a speech to their local civic event. With iQPrompter, you are able to prepare all speeches or presentations with ease. Unique to iQPrompter, you have the ability to time each speech and monitor real-time progress for the planned duration for your event. This simple tool is designed to easily travel with you to any event. And, it is a powerful tool for creating your next PodCast, or for in-the-field covering and presentation of a news event. Operation can even be controlled remotely from a (free) iPhone app.

An important unique feature is iQPrompter's (Patent Pending) progress display to help plan and control presentation progress in time-constrained venues. An optional autostart feature has an attention-grabbing visible countdown, which cues the speaker for accurate start of time-sensitive speech

Prompter word-speed can easily be set and fine tuned. Real-time control is provided by touch areas to increase or decrease speed, or to pause/resume. Regardless of selected text size, scroll speed is automatically adjusted to the specified words per sec. There is even an option to lock speed to finish at a specified Planned Duration. For use in displays, text can be automatically looped back to the beginning after a short delay.

Either manual or automatic timer start can be used. Planned duration can be set and remaining time can be viewed on the prompter screen. In addition, a (Patent Pending) progress indicator shows proportionally how much your presentation progress is ahead/behind schedule. An optional visual alarm provides increasingly urgent warnings when time is running short and progress is lagging. At the end of the presentation, actual duration is recorded for future reference.

With the iPad's large screen, the text can easily be read directly, even when the iPad is below the audience-visible level, or via a prompter mirror. Text can be set to any font and/or size, can be flipped horizontally and/or vertically as needed, and can be color inverted. Text and background colors can be set. Any number of speeches can be stored and selected. A variety of famous speeches are included for demo and from which quotes can be copied and pasted into your own presentation. Speeches can be created using the iPad on-screen keyboard, the docking Apple keyboard, or an external Bluetooth keyboard. With an optional adapter (available from Apple, Inc.), the prompter screen can be displayed on an external monitor screen or hardware prompter.

Whether the presenter is preparing for a 30 sec. elevator pitch or a major presentation, iQPrompter is the ideal solution for creating, practicing, and presenting any speech, anywhere, anytime.