YouTube and FaceBook Uploads

YouTube and Facebook have become extremely popular ways to share messages and content with others. We have provided the means for you to share your recorded videos of your presentations to your own personal account with these services. We have also provided the means to upload script files, status, notes, and links to Facebook. You can upload a video to YouTube, then upload a link to it in Facebook, all without leaving the iQPrompter app.

YouTube Video:

Our implementation for YouTube allows you to upload the selected video file directly to your video area of YouTube. You will be asked for login information each time (we'll try to fix that), but other than that, the process is simple. You can add a title and description, plus specify a category in which to share it. Once you select "Upload", a progress bar shows how much has been uploaded. (This can take awhile for long videos and slow connections.) You can also choose the prefered size, privacy settings for the video, and keywords. Of course, to do this, you will have to have an account set up at YouTube. (Easy.)

FaceBook Video:

Again, you will have to have an account already set up at FaceBook. If you are not already logged into FaceBook, you will be prompted to do so. You can add a title (caption) and description for a video. Once you select "Upload", a progress bar keeps you apprised of how much of it has been uploaded.

FaceBook Scripts:

If you started in the Presentations (Scripts) screen, you can upload your script. The Script title will appear as default, but you can edit it. Because of the potential length, it will be uploaded as a "note", with your title and a few lines of text on your wall, with a link to the full note text, which will be in the "notes" area of your FaceBook site. Your script will first appear in a text field, and can be edited, if desired, before uploading.

FaceBook Note:

FaceBook notes are intended for longer text than a "status" message. You will see the same modal screen as in uploading scripts, but you must supply the note you want published.

FaceBook Status:

Status messages appear directly on your wall, but are limited in length to 480 characters. (Well, that's one up on Twitter's 256 characters anyway.)

FaceBook Link:

This is a great way to share a web-link on your wall to any available URL on the web. You can link to your own website, or you can link to a YouTube video you just uploaded.