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Known Issues

Nov 20, 2014. Version 5.0 has been submitted for iQPrompter and iQPrompter Basic, and version 2.0 for iQPrompter Remote. In addition, a new product, iQPrompter Studio, has been submitted. The updated versions have new features and have undergone major internal code reorgamization to support those features.

iQPrompter Remote now displays a synchronized prompter screen.

iQPrompter Studio adds a category for a repertory of lyrics, a screen for defining "events", each having an ordered playlist of selected lyrics. It also supports multiple synchronized teleprompters, each showing the current playlist and having active controls.

Sept 20, 2014. We are currently in the process of major internal revisions of all iQPrompter products. Most (fingers crossed) should not affect existing functionality. New features are being added, primarily in the area of Remote Control, and major new Lyrics features in iQPrompter.

iQPrompter Remote has been totally rewritten from scratch, and will be able to download and display the prompter screen, synchronized with the host prompter. Controls have been added for the indicator position and use/size of the guide filter. An autodownload feature in iQPrompter (and iQPrompter Basic) will automatically download to the remote if the script is changed. Because it now uses Multipeer Communications, local WiFi is not required, up to reasonable distances.

iQPrompter has a new categore of scripts, and a PlayList feature, for song lyrics. Any number of events can be defined, each with their own ordered playlist. Choosing "Next" will automatically advance to the next song, and autodownload will send it to the remote.

Multiple prompters can be used. When in "Host Script" mode, the current script can also be downloaded (or autodownloaded) and fully synchronized, similar the the remote control.

Unfortunately, we now require iOS 8.0 or later, and (at least for remote control) more recent devices, i.e., ones having the lightning connector. Supporting both iOS 8 and earlier versions, and earlier devices, was just too complicated. We had to make an executive decision in this regard. Another unfortunate casualty, at least for the time being, is support of AirTurn foot pedals. iOS 8 has delt them a severe blow, with which they are trying to cope. Whenever this gets resolved, we will be more than happy to put out an update, re-adding AirTurn support.

July 13, 2013. There is a theory that, for sufficiently complex software, a steady state is reached, where every bug fix introduces a new bug. 4.3.2 has just been submitted, which (hopefully) fixes a layout bug in the edit screen when and after using an external keyboard.

July 8, 2013. One update, 4.3, has been released. 4.3.1 has been submitted and will be released shortly. These (hopefully) fix the DropBox text upload issue, plus, at customer request, we have added a few things to enhance remote control using an external (e.g., wireless) keyboard. The "T" key takes you to the top (beginning) of the presentation script. The up/down keys increase/decrease prompter scroll speed by a larger increment, which is settable in the settings preferences (default 0.5).

June. 28, 2013. The current version has an issue uploading text (script) files to DropBox. This is being worked, and a 4.2.1 bug-fix update will be uploaded shortly.

Mar. 23, 2013. Version 4.2 of both iQPrompter and iQPrompter Basic have been uploaded. Weve been off working on our Mac app mostly, but have recently returned to iQPrompter to give it a few necessary updates.

There are two main issues. One is that Dropbox is discontinuing support of OAuth0 in favor of OAuth1 for user authentication. So if they pull the plug on OAuth0, previous versions of iQPrompter will not be able to use DropBox. We have now fixed that.

We also decided that the tab-bar at the bottom of the screen was unnecessary and consumed otherwise useful screen real estate. We replaced it by providing two buttons on the home screen, plus one new button in the presentations screen toolbar, and one in the help screen.

We also fixed a few stability issues and nailed down an errant icon in the Twitter screen so that it does not go flying off elsewhere when you rotate the device.

We're still contemplating iCloud support. This is not a "document" based application, which would be relatively easy, nor is is purely a CoreData (database) application, so iCloud support is not so straightforward. We would love to hear from our users if this is considered to be an important issue worthy of further effort.

Nov. 18, 2011. Version 4.1 of both iQPrompter and iQPrompter Basic are now available in the app store.

Nov.13, 2011. Version 4.1 of both iQPrompter and iQPrompter Basic have been uploaded. We added a text-size control for the edit page and added an optional (larger) progress indicator for the external screen. We changed most of the buttons and replaced the speed-swipe control with a more intuitive wheel. Several bugs were also fixed. The Twitter page includes map/satellite views for your own location, and for any tweets that contain position coordinates. iQPrompter Basic now includes audio recording.

Oct. 29, 2011. Version 4.1 is nearing release. Just trying to add a few last minute features. This version will inlude AirPlay output for mirrored or separate prompter screen, and will include Twitter support, such as the ability to immediately tweet an annoumcement and link for a new YouTube video upload.

Oct. 8, 2011. Version 4.0.2 has been released. It fixes a bug which could prevent first-time downloads from launching under iOS 5. If other bugs related to iOS 5 are detected or reported, we will try to address them promptly.

Sept. 25, 2011. Version 4.0. was released and version 4.0.1 has been submitted. The latter fixes a couple of bugs in .txt downloads from iTunes and DropBox.

Sept. 8, 2011. What happened? The day after uploading, we found a few problems and pulled the app. We believe it is now operating properly, but have a few more test to run. Hopefully, it will be re-uploaded this weekend. We figured it would be better for us to deal with the issues than you.

Of course, we can't stop messing with it. We had already incorporated much of the support needed to store photos associated with the presentation (ENG application, anyone?). So we went ahead and completed the inclusion of photos and their upload/download to/from various services. Snapped photos can be stored nternally under the Photos tab, or externally to CameraRoll.

August 27, 2011. Finally! V. 4.0 has been uploaded for review and should be available within the following week.

August 13, 2011 We completely rewrote the AV controllers, producing a much more logical interface handler and a more stable AV system. Assuming anyone using iQPrompter for awhile is not using an early version, we are removing code that reads the pre-database document files of the original version. Getting very close to the new release.

July 21, 2011. Apologies for the delay. The only thing remaining is to verify that the database migrates properly, so you don't lose your existing files. We've added a lot of great new features, including many new ways to import and export files, such as eMail and uploads to YouTube, FaceBook, and DropBox. Original iPad users are not left out. You can record with other devices (iPhone, etc.) and import the video file. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by many of the new capabilities. And we're not through. However better to get this version into your hands as soon as possible. We have also added a pre-addressed bug-report email, and a know issues web-site page. Please send a bug report if you encounter problems.

May 12, 2011. There is a bug in the 3.0 version where, if editing and you leave or quit the app without returning to the prompter screen, the edits are not saved. That has been fixed in the upcoming release. The new release is a substantial upgrade and is taking longer to shake out issues than we would like. (Better we deal with them now than you later.) However, the wait should be worth it. Because of the enhanced capabilities, we will likely be raising the price (to new buyers) to $14.99.

April 25, 2011. OK, what happened to 3.1? It got waylaid by other events. We are getting close to a major upgrade release (most likely at a higher price) and decided to do that instead. The upgrade will have all the features promised in 3.1, plus complete control of audio codecs and settings for doing audio podcasts, plus video recording (iPad 2) for video podcasts. We may also include video import and playback for original iPad users. That way, you can record with other devices, such as an iPhone or separate camera, and keep all the videos associated with the presentation in one place. (ENG applications, anyone?)

Upcoming Version 3.1

March 22, 2011. Version 3.1 will be released within the next week or two and contain several new features:

Version 3.0

Feb. 21, 2011. iQPrompter-Remote is now available in the (iPhone) App Store for free download.

Feb.16, 2011. v.3.0 of iQPrompter is now in the App Store. The iPhone remote might take a little longer for approval. We are already at work on additional upgrades, so more features will be coming in the not too distant future.

Feb.13, 2011. Version 3.0 was uploaded to the App Store yesterday. Assuming it gets approved, it should be available within the nest week. Sorry for the delay. Database migration turned out to be more of a PITA than we anticipated. However, we beleive it now works properly. Let us know immediately if you have any problems with it.

iQPrompter-Remote is a new feature we haven't mentioned until now, and will be a free app in the App Store.

iQPrompter-Remote (in the iPhone section) was also uploaded yesterday and, being a new app, may take somewhat longer for approval. There are a few issues with the remote that we haven't solved yet. If you want to use it, be sure to set the Sleep Inhibit switch in iQPrompter. Otherwise, if it goes to sleep, switch out the app, like you were going to another app, then tap the iQPrompter icon to get it back. You should be able to reconnect the remote. You can also inhibit sleep in the remote app, but sleep isn't as problematic in the remote. You'll just have to reconnect. Switching out iQPrompter will also break the connection, but after switching back, you can reconnect from the remote. The problem is that Apple, Inc. does not provide the necessary app notification for sleep/wake, like it does for inactive/active status.

Feb. 5, 2011. We are currently trying to test data migration, to make sure you don't lose your old speeches when upgrading. It turns out to be more difficult to test than we had expected. We'll keep you informed.

Well, we couldn't stop messing with it and added a few more features. We also ran into some major issues with the database and had to make substantial internal changes. However, in the process, we believe we have found and fixed some things that were causing the crashes some people were experiencing, and implemeted a lot of defensive coding, just to make sure. Version 3.0 should be available (approval pending) by the end of the second week in February, 2011.

The interface has been totally redesigned and reorganized to use popovers in lieu of the separate tabs for presentations and settings. This is not only more convenient, but allows immediate viewing of new selections and the effect of settings changes. The app has also been updated to (hopefully) work correctly with iOS 4.2 and multitasking.

Code is now complete for the 3.0 version. The help screens are now done. All that is left is some final checks and submitting the app to the App Store for approval.

Also in v. 3.0, we have added several new features, some of which are:

Most of these were customer requested features. There are some other major enhancements which we will not describe until the update releases.

Bugs Fixed in 3.0:

Both the preferences file format and the internal database have been changed. For previous users, this requires an (automatic) migration to occur on first launch. It is fairly straightforward, but we're a still a little nervous about it. (It works just fine here.) AirPrint should work, but we do not at this time have a means to test it. If you encounter any problems, please let us know immediately, so we can get out a maintenance release ASAP.

The move to iOS 4.2 has not been without trauma -- multitasking and minor memory leaks being the main culprits. With multitasking, as they say, small leaks sink great ships. Until then, our main advice for 4.2 users of 2.1.1 is to occasionally force quit the application so that it totally cleans up memory. Also, startup problems can ususally be resolved by either forced quitting, or by redownloading the app (no charge).

iQPrompter 2.1.1 is available in the App Store.

The main changes in 2.1 were that we added color, an "Export All" button, and a bunch of new alert messages. We also changed the way we import old files.

In the 2.0 release, we encountered a few issues in this substantial upgrade. Besides adding a lot of new features, we moved to using an internal database engine for storage, which turned out to be a lot more finicky than we had expected. We also totally revamped the text drawing to be much more efficient in it's use of time and memory. (In 2.0, if you manually scrolled the text too fast, it would not recover unused memory fast enough and would exceed available memory -- not a good thing.)

We also added color items in the preferences, but did not have time to get the color features into the 2.0 upgrade. It turns out that we did that wrong and messed up the ability of the preferences to save properly. That is one issue was fixed in 2.1.

A minor issue, but a significant irritant, was that after adding/deleting cue points, the edit screen automatically scrolled to the end of the text -- not the desired action. As it turns out, that could not really be fixed as such -- it's just the way the Apple, Inc. iPhone text engine works when you programmatically change the text. So we do the next best thing -- we wait a fraction of a second to let the text engine finish doing its thing, then we scroll it back to where it was. Sneaky, huh.

Another thing we found out when importing text is that there are .txt files and there are .txt files. Some files, especially those created in MicroSquish products, would not import. Now in 2.1, they do. If we find others that won't import, we will attack them with vigor.

In v. 2.0, we had sporadic reports of text edits not being saved when switching to other tabs or quitting the app. Initial reports on 2.1 are that this problem is now fixed. However, if you do experience this, please notify us as soon as possible and with as much information, about exactly when and how, as you can provide. Also mention if this is a new purchase or an upgrade from a pre-2.0 version.

Fixes and improvements in 2.1.1 (now in the app store):

The 2.0 update was not only a substantial feature update, but also a massive internal update in the way we store information and draw text. This was not without some trauma. One issue we noticed in 2.1 was that when running the prompter, it sometimes ran a screen-height or so beyond the end of the text. That was due to changes we made in the text display, and has been fixed in 2.1.1.

The "Q" menu (in the Prompter screen) has "Beginning" and "End" selections which didn't work if there are no cue-points. Fixed in 2.1.1. We also grouped these two selections together and squeezed the table slightly.

Deleting all text in the edit screen and returning to the prompter screen caused a crash in 2.1. Fixed in 2.1.1.

The external monitor reconnect problem is still with us, but we now have Apple, Inc.s attention on the issue, so hopefully something will eventually be done about it. Testing a few other apps in the store, we see that we are not the only ones experiencing this.

For newcomers, we added a button on the opening screen with label "Quick Start Intro" which takes you directly to the Info tab and opens a new first page with introductory information, explaining the basic organization and functions of the app.

Another minor improvement is that when rotating the prompter, we save and restore the current text location so that rotation will get you to at least within a line of where you were before rotation.

Please email questions and comments to: